Why Work For Mess?

We're looking to grow our small but mighty creative team. You'll get to work on range of projects,  for a great list of high profile clients (James Patterson! Sesame Street! Tony Montuano!) as well as some of our own homegrown products and services.

We may be a bit biased, but it's a great place to work. We strive to keep a semblance of work/life balance, and do some pretty neat things like take the whole company camping at a pretty rad participatory arts festival, or racing shopping carts in the Chiditraod in the winter.

Great health insurance. No deductibles and affordable specialists copays. It’s pretty awesome!
Good dental insurance. Pretty standard stuff to keep your chompers chomping.
No vision insurance. It’s kinda overpriced and underpowered. Warby Parker and other upstarts online are your friend.
Many snacks! A tasteful amount of spirits. A pretty robust board game pile.

Digital Designer

We are always looking for enthusiastic and talented designers to join our ranks. Some specific things we like to see:

Digital design skills. Frankly, not looking for anyone that considers themselves a "print designer". You understand how responsive grids behave, and are familiar with how things work online and across various devices.

Frontend coding skills; Not a requirement (yet!) but designers that know markup move to the front of the line. 

Neat secondary skills, like motion graphics,  hand lettering, or writing. We love multi-disciplinary multitaskers.

Creative interests outside of the office: in a band, dj, sculpt, screen print, whatever- again, we like sitting next to interesting creative folks that are motivated to make things of all sorts.

Front End Developer

Really, the "ideal" candidate only needs to know four things:

HTML (but not "Dreamweaver" HTML. "Hand-coded, semantic, well formated HTML")

CSS (including all the new, vendor-prefixed, sort-of-works-in-some-browsers-but-never-in-IE stuff)

JavaScript (the more the better, but less is OK.)

Photoshop (you don't need to be a guru, but you should understand that Layer-based slices are a gift and should be treasured.)

Other bits we'd love if you knew, but if you don't we'll just teach you them in your first week:

SASS and/or LESS (we tend to use Bourbon)
Backbone.js and jquery
JIRA, and the zen of bug tracking

And there are some bits that, if you know, we'll be pleasantly surprised:
Any programming language, with a preference for Python, Java or Go.

Django/Python Developer

We're looking for a Django/Python developer to help round out our development team. We've got great front-end folks churning out perfectly easy to integrate templates for you, but we need someone who can build the things we'll be integrating into.

Day to day, we build lots of one-off content management systems for projects, as well as crazy things that have to connect to our custom platforms. You'll be the person building most of these, as well as helping us architect the reusable apps we use project to project.

We're not looking for anyone full-stack, but if you've got the chops, all the better.

Things you'll be expected to know day one:

Python (we mostly use 2.7, but open to migrating to 3)
Basic Linux server administration (setting up a VPS and deploying the project)

Things we use a lot that it helps if you have experience with:

Tornado (whenever we need a WebSocket thing)
SockJS, or http://Socket.io